Proceon Scholengroep

Together with sixteen other schools in Het Gooi, our school is part of the Proceon Scholengroep. At Proceon, the children - your children - are central. In total, Proceon manages seventeen primary schools in the Gooi area. Proceon ensures that all schools offer attention and safety to children. From a real compliment to intensive guidance and care that does justice to their talents.


Honesty and humor

Children brighten up with humor. Humor relaxes and can tilt a problem. Proceon likes to use its own humor or use that of the children. Proceon also values ​​honesty and authenticity. Then there is connection and real contact.


Clear boundaries

Children need space and a challenge to optimally develop their talents. At the same time, clear boundaries are also important. By means of boundaries and space and challenges to develop talents, Proceon stimulates children to realize their potential. To become who they want by trial and error.


Curious, optimistic and challenging

Children have a natural curiosity, which also teaches us to look at things differently. Cheerful, casual and surprising. This also means that Proceon is optimistic about life and wants to pass this on to the children.


Proceon tries to make the learning and living environment of the children as challenging as possible. To discover new things. Dare to go and look beyond their familiar environment. Each at their own pace and never forced.