Important information

We would like to provide you with as much relevant information as possible. Which children our language school is for, how to report your child sick or information about protocols at our school. You find it here.

The Globe is a language school for children from Ukraine who have just arrived in Gooise Meren. It concerns children of primary school age from 4 - 12 years.

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Call in sick

If your child is unable to attend school due to illness or for any other reason, please call us between 08:00 and 08:30 am. Our phone number is: 035-8200987

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Healthy food at school

To get enough energy throughout a school day, there are two eating and drinking moments: around 10:30 am and at 12:30 pm. With your help, as parents, we would like to strive for healthy food at school. Rather an extra sandwich or some fruit, than biscuits or sweets in the lunch box. Good and healthy!

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Help at school

We find good cooperation between parents and school very important. Therefore, we welcome parents who would like to help at school. Usually, the teachers will ask you personally if you would like to do something. But if you think you can help us with anything and we don't ask, please say so!

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Complaints procedure

Sometimes you do not agree with the way things are done at school. In most cases, a conversation with the teacher or other people directly involved is sufficient to resolve the issue. If you feel you are not being taken seriously or that you are not being listened to properly, you can discuss the matter with the management, the board, the internal confidential counselor or the external confidential counselor.


Our internal confidential counselor is Karen van den Berg. Karen can be reached by e-mail ( or at school (Wed-Fri).