Safety, positivity and fun

Our vision

De Globe opens your world. At De Globe we offer children a safe school environment and the time to 'land' in Dutch society. They learn the Dutch language and we guide them in their social emotional development. Our goal is for the children to move on to regular education with confidence, within one to a maximum of two years. Safety, structure and space to 'be who you are' form the basis that makes it possible for children to develop and participate in society.



Understanding, speaking, reading and writing the Dutch language are the key focus of our lessons. We organize this around different themes, which we cover in three to five weeks. We also spend time on arithmetic and creativity. We like to use physical education in our lessons. Learning only works if you feel good and safe. This is particularly true for children whom left behind an (unsafe) homeland. Our programs therefore also focus on social safety and the total development of the children. Each group has two educational professionals: a teacher and a teaching assistant. We aim for groups of a maximum of 15 students. We draw up a plan for each student individually, with their personal goals.


Student care

We always start with an intake to learn about the child's educational background and to determine what his or her needs are. After the intake, we draw up a plan for the child. Every 13 weeks we check whether the personal and learning goals are being achieved. The teacher discusses the evaluation with the parents. If there are specific needs, or if specialist support is required, we seek external help. We have a close connection with the municipality, Unita, healthcare providers and other schools in Gooise Meren. This is how we open up the world of our students and guide them in their development.