Education and identity

Safety, positivity and fun

Our vision

Children at De Globe have fled from their own environment and have few solid leads. Everything is new and in principle it feels deeply unsafe. Our job is to create a safe environment. The safe environment is created when there is a clear structure and an atmosphere of positivity. Only when the children understand the structure and experience the atmosphere can they focus on learning.



Learning happens by recognizing the structure and responding to it. In addition, the emphasis is on learning Dutch speaking, reading, writing and arithmetic. The moment children have a higher reading level, reading comprehension will also be addressed. Creative subjects such as music, drama, drawing and painting are also covered.


We also want to create opportunities for the children to maintain their mother tongue. We are still looking for teachers who can support us with this.


Student care

When children come to De Globe, we start with an intake to see which starting point the child has. Young children learn the daily routine, school routines and conditional activities associated with reading and math. Children aged 6 years and older are screened for letter knowledge and whether they can already read and write in the Latin script.


After the intake, a plan with goals is drawn up for the child. Every 10 weeks we check whether personal goals are being achieved. The evaluation is discussed with the parents and it is checked whether there are special matters and whether outside help should be sought. In this way we guide the children in their development.