Children who attend school at the Globe have only been in the Netherlands for a short time. The country, the language, the culture, in fact the entire Dutch society, everything is unknown. It is our job to make children feel safe and at home. We do this by offering a lot of structure and a listening ear. Once the child is adjusted to being in the Netherlands (we say has landed) learning the Dutch language can really start. That moment is different for every child. We adapt our actions accordingly.


Our background

De Globe has existed in its current form since March 2022. At De Globe we create peace and regularity in a positive way. You will notice this when you visit our school. Speaking, reading and writing the Dutch language are the key focus of our lessons. We organize this around different themes, which we cover in three to five weeks. We also spend time on arithmetic and creativity. We like to use physical education in our lessons.

Each group has two educational professionals: a teacher and a teaching assistant. We aim for groups with a maximum of 15 students. We draw up a plan for each student with personal goals. De Globe is housed in a school building in the Spiegel district in Bussum.

De Globe originally started newcomer education in 2015, initially for children from the former AZC Crailo. Soon, children from Bussum and Naarden - who were new to the Netherlands - also came to De Globe for newcomer and language education. The original Globe closed its doors in 2020 due to insufficient influx of new students.